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WRBH Fundraiser: Saint Lucy Medal Package

WRBH Reading Radio is happy to announce that we have invited the New Orleans based start-up, SaintsforSinners, to help participate in a special ongoing fundraising effort for our radio station.

SaintsforSinners offers imported Italian saint medallions, all of which are one-of-a-kind and hand painted here in New Orleans. One of their popular medals is a rendition of Saint Lucia, or "Lucy," who is often invoked to help people dealing with eyesight and vision issues. WRBH is now selling a special hand-painted Saint Lucy medal package for $30.00 with 100% of the money going directly to WRBH Reading Radio.

Buy a WRBH Saint Lucy medal package and you will receive:

One hand painted Saint Lucy medallion

A Saint Lucy story card commemorating WRBH

A silver necklace for easy wearing

Soft felt pouches for safely storing your medallion

& an imported Italian prayer card

Local lawyer Rob Clemenz is the creator and founder of SaintsforSinners, a company he began in an effort to help others find comfort through reading about the lives of old age saints and their inspirational stories. His medals are worn by people of all religious denominations, including scores of national and local musicians, actors, comedians, and celebrity chefs, such as Paula Deen, many of whom are featured on the SaintsforSinners website

WRBH would like to thank Rob and SaintsforSinners for working with us to help raise needed funds. We would also like to extend a special thanks to local photographer Zander White for providing the image of Saint Lucy that is now featured on our website. You can learn more about Zander and his photography by visiting

Please consider buying, wearing, and sharing these special Saint Lucy medal packages. In doing so, you will be aiding WRBH Reading Radio, and following the often repeated message from one of the most famous journalists of all time, Robert Louis Stevenson, who said, "the saints are the sinners who keep on trying!"

In 2013 please be sure to come back to the WRBH Reading Radio website and buy our second medal package offering Saint Ann, the patron of literacy, invoked for help with reading.

For more information about SaintsforSinners, please visit their website at

Saint Lucy's Story

"Saint Lucy was born on December 13th, the 'Winter Solstice,' the shortest, darkest day of the year. Lucy's name comes from the Latin words lux and lucis meaning 'light.' Lucy is known to have had sight-restoring powers during the Middle Ages. Lucy once went with her mother, Eutychia, on a pilgrimage to the burial place of the Virgin Martyr, Saint Agatha, where her mom was cured of a painful hemorrhage. Lucy told her mother of her vow to remain a virgin for life. Her mother accepted this but Lucy's vow was a source of irritation for others. An insistent suitor who thought Lucy had pretty eyes wanted Lucy to be his bride. She repeatedly rejected him, but finally gouged her own eyes out and gave them to him on a platter. Needless to say, this angered him. He took vengeance over Lucy by having her imprisoned where she was tortured for her Christian beliefs. Lucy endured cruelties, including a burning at the stake, for as long as possible. She held true to her convictions but was eventually executed by sword. Lucy chose a virtuous path in life that was condemned by a majority of the public during her time. She became a Saint soon after her death. The gondoliers of Venice and elsewhere sing her praises in the tune "Saint Lucia." In art and on her SfS medal, Lucy is shown holding a platter with two small round objects on it. Wear Saint Lucy and you will find yourself seeing things better and thinking with incredible foresight."

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