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2014 Board of Directors


Bernadette G. D'Souza, Chairman
Joy Braun, President
Doug Meffert, Vice-President
Paul Leaman, Jr., Treasurer
Daniel Meyer, Secretary
Don Banning
Brent Barriere 
Sherman Boughton
Jon Burroughs
Lloyd Campo
Mike DePetrillo
Jeff Fernandez
Cathy Glaser
Bob Grace
Angela Hill
Larry LaHoste
Donald Lewis
Douglas Mittelstaedt
David Radlauer
Charles Smith
Dalton Truax
Nathan Wexler

pat browne and dalton truax
Pat Browne and WRBH Board Member
Dalton Truax share a laugh on the golf course at this
 year's WRBH Pat Browne Radio for the Blind Golf Tournament.

2014 Advisory Board


Haydee Bazan
A. Peyton Bush III
James Caillier

Sally Forman
Hardy Fowler
Constance McEnaney




About WRBH



How Did WRBH Begin?

mcclean photoWRBH 88.3 FM began as the dream of a local mathematician, Dr. Robert McClean. Dr. McClean was blind, but he had a vision: a reading radio station that would operate on the FM dial (rather than on sideband frequencies which require special radios to pick up the signal), with strong programming content that would change and improve the lives of blind and visually impaired persons who wanted to lead productive, fulfilling lives in their communities. He leased airtime from WWNO, then bought the 88.3 FM signal and rented space from the Lighthouse for the Blind facilities in New Orleans.

In 1982 WRBH became a 24 hour station and moved on to purchase a house in Uptown and convert it into the studios we operate from today. Dr. McClean's dream was fully realized in the year 2000 when WRBH added its broadcast to the internet via streaming audio. Now we impact the lives of the visually impaired not only in our region, but all over the world.



What Does WRBH Do?


wrbh engineersAt WRBH 88.3 FM, our mission is to turn the printed word into the spoken word so that the blind and print handicapped receive the same ease of access to current information as their sighted peers.  We are dedicated to helping the blind and print handicapped through our volunteer reading.  Our 200+ volunteers make 24 hours of programming, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, possible.  WRBH is the only full time reading service on the FM dial in the country and one of only three in the world. 

WRBH offers a wide variety of programming including: The Wall Street Journal, The Times-Picayune, weekly and monthly magazines, listings of local events, grocery store ads, and both fiction and non-fiction books.  Additionally, we host several shows in the studio including The Music Show where host Charles Smith interviews musicians of all genres, Writers Forum, which provides an opportunity for local authors to discuss their work, and The Chef Show, moderated by Amy Sins.  The station has also partnered with the Vietnamese and the growing Spanish-speaking communities of New Orleans in order to provide these populations with quality programming.








Who listens to WRBH? 

  wrbh signal

Our target listening audience includes: the elderly who are beginning to experience loss of vision, the illiterate, those with dyslexia, individuals who are unable to read for a period of time due to illness, those who cannot afford to purchase print media and may not have transportation to a local library, and the blind.  In addition, a large number of our listeners are those who listen to WRBH as a way of obtaining local news, hearing about local events, and receiving cultural and educational enrichment.

WRBH traditionally serves the following Louisiana parishes via our transmitter in Chalmette: Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Charles, St. John, Terrebonne, St. Bernard, and Plaquemines.  WRBH serves a racially and socio-economically diverse population.  Any individual who needs our service and has access to an FM radio may tune in.  WRBH can also be heard free of charge anywhere in the world through streaming radio on our website.







WRBH and the New Orleans Community 

  readers club

WRBH often works with Lighthouse Louisiana, an organization that works to assist blind individuals in their day-to-day life.  We also work closely with the Blinded Veterans Association, participating in their educational forums. WRBH has recently forged a relationship with The Advocacy Center, an organization that advocates for the disabled population of the greater New Orleans area. In January 2013, WRBH broadcasted a series of programs on the Public Affairs Show highlighting programs that are available through the Advocacy Center.

WRBH Reading Radio is unique in the area as a key focus of the station is empowerment through information.  WRBH has received many awards including: the 1998 Mayor's Medal of Honor, being named the 257th Point of Light by President George Bush Sr., and the 1999 Governor's Media Award.  

Much of the current information is only available in print, and as such, is not accessible to those who cannot read.  Our volunteers read the newspaper, magazines, books, short stories, and a variety of other publications on a daily basis.   By providing information and encouraging mental and emotional independence for visually impaired and print handicapped citizens, WRBH fills a major need in the community. 


Help WRBH continue its service to the community!








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